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Servicing all of Sacramento and up to 50 mile radius.

If you are looking for junk haulers in Sacramento city and surrounding areas, Arango’s Hauling is a company you can call.

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What can you spect from Arango's Hauling?

The number one thing you can expect from Arango’s Hauling it’s a fast arrival. We believe that everyone searching for junk haulers near me most likely, is because they need a professional Hauling services company to come and take some JUNK out of their property as soon as possible.

Secondly, you can expect a very competitive price, that won’t affect your pockets. Arango’s Hauling is a family owned company, sicking to keep the Sacramento, Ca city looking as beautiful as possible.
For that same reason we’re in business with very affordable prices to make it possible for anyone to hire Arango’s Hauling.

  • You pick a day and time to book an appointment.
  • We add you to our schedule, and arrive on time.
  • We’ll give you a courtesy call 30 minutes prior to confirm the appointment.
  • We arrive, agree on a price, and get the job done.
  • At completion, we double check if we missed anything.
  • You pay the previously agreed on price (No bait and switch!) and we head off to sort/recycle your stuff.
  • You’re All Set! Nothing else for you!
Junk Removal Sacramento